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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kirkpatrick Family - John W. Kirkpatrick & Liddie Hall

The first ancestor we can trace our Kirkpatrick family to is John W(illiams?). Kirkpatrick, born around 1815 in South Carolina.  I found his name among men who received property in the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery in Georgia, in Newton County.  Two other men with the last name Kirkpatrick, Harmon and Ezekiel, also received property in Newton County.  While I have not made a connection between these three, I think they might possibly be brothers.  I even find Harmon in Alabama later, just before our Kirkpatrick family began to move west.

John married Lydia or Liddie Hall on December 16, 1837 in Elbert County, Georgia.  Lydia was born about 1810 in South Carolina.  Elbert is on the state line with South Carolina, so it is possible they were moving to Georgia when they married.  I found a copy of their marriage record at the state archives.

John is on the 1850 census in Newton County, occupation listed as farmer.  His wife's name is shown as Susan (although it's not unusual to find that names are not recorded correctly), and they are living with their children:  Mary, Caroline, Cynthia, William, and John.  Mary is 15 years old in 1850, which means she was born about 1835, two years before John and Lydia were married; she may have been her child from a previous marriage or was just born prior to their marriage.

Records for Newton County between 1849 - 1852 show the children as being among those who receive tuition to attend the "poor school."

The 1860 Census shows the Kirkpatricks living in Calhoun County, GA, southwest of Newton County and near the Alabama state line.  John's occupation is farmer, and William, John, Nancy, Thomas and Martha are living with them.  This is the last record I can find for them in Georgia and the last record I find for Lydia at all.  I have not located them on a census for 1870, so I'm not sure where they were after 1860, although the children all moved west to Texas, with the exception of William, who moved to Alabama. 

Mary Frances Kirkpatrick married Lewis Madison Allen on April 26, 1854 in Barbour, Alabama. They later moved to and lived in the Pleasant Grove Community near Maydelle, Texas. They had eight children together: Margaret Navadia, John Francis Monroe, Anna Vella Caroline, Lewis Kirkpatrick, Mary Elizabeth, Laura Emma, Youba Florence and James Madison.

Laura Emma "Emmer" Allen, daughter of Mary Frances Kirkpatrick
Emmer was married to Andrew Ellis, and they lived in Throckmorton, Texas, and had eight children.
Andrew Jackson Ellis
Nora Ellen Ellis Gardner
Their oldest child, Nora, married John Gardner and lived in Galveston, Texas.  Nora died, along with her newborn son, in the flu epidemic of 1918 and is buried on the grounds of the Bolivar Lighthouse in Galveston.
Charles N. "Charlie" Ellis
Charlie Ellis was married to Sallie Elliott in 1914 and was the father of three children; Bernice, Jack "Jay" and Charles Jr.  He worked in the oil fields in Galveston and died in 1936 when he fell from an oil rig and hit his head.  He is buried in Galveston Memorial Park.
Floyd Ellis
Floyd Ellis was the youngest of Emmer and Andrew's children.  He was married to Neelie Williams in 1927 and was the father of two sons, Huey and Ted.  Floyd worked for a time as a prop man in Hollywood, then returned to Texas and worked in the Galveston oil fields.  He died in 1934 when he fell 120 feet from a tower while working there.  He is buried at Woodson Cemetery in Throckmorton, Texas.

After Lewis Allen's death in 1870, Mary Frances Kirkpatrick married Wade Hampton Watson on September 6, 1873, and had two more children; Martha Ann and Nancy.

Caroline Kirkpatrick was born on October 31, 1838 in Elbert County, Georgia.  She married Jesse Asbury Duncan in 1855 in Newton County, Georgia.  They had five children; Mary Jane, Henry, Luella, George and John Nathaniel.  In 1870, they were living in Randolph County, Georgia and in 1880, were in Cass County, Texas.

Cynthia Ann Kirkpatrick was born in 1843 in Georgia.  She married James Miller in 1860 in Calhoun County, Georgia.  They had three children; Hettie, Willie (female) and John Blackburn.  In the 1880 census, the family is living in Franklin, Alabama with James's mother and sister.  Cynthia died in 1880 at the age of 37.

John Silas Kirkpatrick was born on August 8, 1847 in Georgia.  He married Josephine Mayfield in Texas in 1872.  In the 1880 census, they are living in Titus, Texas.  John and Josephine had eight children; Anne, Liddie, John S., Bessie, Josie Edna, William Edgar, Effie and Lena Mae.  Census records list John's occupation as a farmer.  He died on December 13, 1930 at the age of 83.

John Moss and Effie Kirkpatrick Moss

Bonnie, Enzie, Mabel, John, Effie and John Bertie Moss, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
Effie Kirkpatrick Moss
Effie Moss's grave at Center Grove-Yancy Cemetery in Titus County, Texas
Nancy Kirkpatrick was born in Georgia about 1852.  She married Jess Taylor in Titus, Texas on August 21, 1870.  They had at least one child, John, in 1878.  The last census record I can find for Nancy is 1880; she and her family are living in Cass County, Texas, next door to her father.

The two youngest children, Thomas and Martha, have been hard to track down.  Thomas was born about 1853 and Martha about 1859, both in Georgia.  I'm still searching for them in Texas, but haven't had any luck yet in making a certain identification for them.

The last record for John Kirkpatrick is in Cass County, Texas in the 1880 census.  He is 65 years old and is listed as a farm hand.  His wife is Katie, age 57.  Presumably, Lydia passed away sometime between 1860 and 1880.  Katie is also listed as being a farm hand, and they are living next door to his daughter Nancy and her husband Jesse and son John (also farm hands).  After this census, I can't find any record for him or for Katie Kirkpatrick.  I'm continuing to try to find death records or graves.

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