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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ocie Samuel Kirkpatrick & Lula Amber McGee

Ocie Kirkpatrick and his twin, Odie, were born on February 16, 1882 in Helena, Shelby County, Alabama.  Ocie was married to Lula Amber McGee on December 16, 1908 in Coosa County, Alabama.  Lula was born on November 18, 1881 in Alabama, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin McGee and his second wife, Martha Jane Heaslet.

Lula Amber McGee
Ocie Samuel Kirkpatrick
Lula & Ocie and unidentified child
Benjamin Franklin McGee was born on March 6, 1830, the son of Davis McGee and Mary Sarah McGee (they were first cousins).  His father was a successful planter who relocated his family from Georgia to Perry County, Alabama by 1840.  An 1850 slave schedule shows Davis McGee owning more than 50 slaves.  The 1850 census shows the value of his property to be $13,750.  He also owned a stagecoach inn in Plantersville where travelers could stop for food and lodging, and where horse traders from Tennessee would congregate to sell or swap their stock.
Davis McGee's grave in Perry County, Alabama
Benjamin Franklin was first married to Virginia Oden before 1862.  They had two children, Joshua Davis and Sarah, before her death in 1873.  On February 3, 1876, he married Martha Jane Heaslet, who was called Mat.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Clark Heaslet, Jr. and his first wife, Eleanor Keys Rogers.  Benjamin Heaslet was a farmer in Talladega County, Alabama and served as a Corporal in the 10th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War.  His son, Hugh, was also in the 10th Alabama Infantry and was killed in Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862, at the Battle of
Document listing Hugh Heaslet as deceased, B.C. Heaslet as father
Company Muster Roll showing B.C. Heaslet as having been wounded
I have a copy of a document after Hugh Heaslet's death, where his father is named as his heir, as Hugh was unmarried and had no children.  Benjamin died on January 21, 1895 and is buried in Fayetteville Cemetery in Fayetteville, Alabama.
Martha and Benjamin had seven children; James Benjamin, Mabel Lee, Henry Cason, Lula Amber, Robert Allen, Willie Driskell, and George Heaslet.  We believe that this is a picture of her with her children.  A family member wrote this about Benjamin:

"Then there was Uncle Benjamin Franklin McGee, caled Uncle Doc. He was studing veterinary medicine in Mobile when the Civil War came. He was not able to finish, but practiced in a modest way for many years. He lived in or near Talladega and came to visit us several times. He was not a bit like Grandpa. Grandpa was tall and very thin with the bluest, blue eyes, keen as a sword. He was a wonderful Judge of character and of beauty in a woman.. we children learned much from him. I learned to judge character. After he was almost blind if an ugly woman came to visit, we'd say, "Grandpa, it is such a pity that you can't see that pretty woman. "All He'd say- "hump" Uncle Doc was as blond as a "baby" with soft fine hair the color of gold and he was very childish.

Back row: Lula Amber, Martha, Mabel.  Front row: George Heaslet, Robert Allen, James Benjamin, Henry Cason & Willie Driskell
Martha died on July 13, 1913.  She is buried in the Fayetteville Memorial Cemetery in Fayetteville, Alabama.  The inscription on her tombstone reads: "Sleep mother dear, and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best."
Grave of Martha Heaslet McGee, Fayetteville Memorial Cemetery, Fayetteville, Alabama

Benjamin moved to Monroe, Louisiana some time after her death.  In the 1920 census, he is living with his son Joshua Davis, and his family. 

The Big  House, Monroe, Louisiana
B. F. McGee & grandchildren at The Big House in Monroe

Benjamin died on September 26, 1920 at the age of 90.  He is buried at Hasley Cemetery in Monroe, Louisiana.
Grave of B.F. McGee, Hasley Cemetery, Monroe, Louisiana
Lula and Ocie had five children; Ophelia, Norma, Mack McGee, Connie Jurell "Jerry" (a female) and Guy Thomas.   Ocie was mainly employed as a farmer and they lived in Pelham, Shelby County, Alabama.  Lula died on November 24, 1935.  Ocie died on January 15, 1961.  They are buried in Helena Cemetery in Helena, Alabama.
Lula & Ocie Kirkpatrick, Helena Cemetery, Helena, Alabama
Ophelia Kirkpatrick was born on December 14, 1910 in Shelby County, Alabama.  She was married to Floyd Roy, with whom she had three children; Bonnie, Floyd Jackson and Jasper.  The Roys were divorced before 1940.  The census shows Ophelia and her children living in Helena, along with her brother, Guy Thomas.
Ophelia Elaine Kirkpatrick Roy
Ophelia died on November 7, 1969.  She is buried at Helena Cemetry in Helena, Alabama.

Norma Kirkpatrick was born on March 23, 1911.  Doing the math, I think either Ophelia or Norma's birthdate is wrong, however, these dates are on their graves.  Norma married William Exton Lowery in June of 1942.  They had no children.  I have not located Exton or Norma on the 1940 census; they were not yet married, so they would not be together.  The 1930 census shows Exton living with his in-laws and working as a laborer on a farm.
Norma Kirkpatrick Lowery
Norma and Ophelia with their father, Ocie
Norma died on December 12, 1945 and is buried in Helena Cemetery.

Connie Jurell (or Jurcell), called Jerry, was born on August 16, 1918.   I don't know much about her life; I believe that she never married.  Her maiden name is on her grave.  She died October 26, 2000 and is buried in Helena Cemetery.
Jerry Kirkpatrick
Guy Thomas was the youngest child, born in 1921.  He was married to Elsie Wade in 1947, and had two children, Jan and Guy Phillip, who died when he was 20.  The 1940 census has him living with his sister Ophelia, working as a miner in the coal mine.  He served in the Army in World War II.  He died August 8, 1995 and is buried in Helena Cemetery.

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