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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The mystery of Thelma

In an earlier post about my grandparents, Robert Rose and Mary Fuller, I included a little bit of a family mystery about a girl named Thelma.  Thelma's photographs were found among those among those of Maude Fuller, adopted sister of my grandmother Mary.  Maude's granddaughter had many of the documents and photos, and there were three photos among these of a girl identified as both Thelma Everett (Maude's biological family's name) and Thelma Fuller.  This week, I received a message from the family member I've been in touch with saying that some documentation had been located that showed the Fullers as having adopted three girls, not two, and Thelma was their adopted daughter.  Neither Maude nor Mary ever spoke of another sister.  My searches for a Thelma Fuller or Thelma Everett have not turned up any information.  It could be that Thelma was one of the Everett children who was placed for adoption, but the name Thelma is not in the letter to Maude from her biological sister, Mollie.  One clue to this might be in the 1910 census, where Spann Fuller is listed as being married, however, only daughters Maude and Mary are shown as living in his household.  It could be that he and Mamie were living apart and Thelma was with her. 
Thelma Fuller, photo taken in Clarkesville, Georgia
Thelma & Mamie
Thelma - writing on back says that her friend made her laugh
The last picture, which looks to have been taken a few years after the other two, is at a photographer in Carrollton, Georgia.  Clarkesville is in northeast Georgia, close to the South Carolina state line.  Carrollton is southwest of there, on the Alabama state line.  Possibly they were visiting, but also possible that she was living in Carrollton at that time. 

I hope I can find out more about this soon.


  1. What lovely, sweet photos.
    Welcome to the Geneabloggers family!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. Beautiful photos and well written story. I hope that you are able to solve your mystery! Beautiful blog.