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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black Sheep Sunday- Araminta Pennington

Araminta Cynthia (Minty) Pennington was the daughter of Wheeler Pennington, an early settler in Monroe County, Virginia (now West Virginia).   Wheeler Pennington's father William, moved the family from Pennsylvania to Virginia in the late 1700's.  Wheeler was married to Polly Sweeney, with whom he had eight children; Minty was the second oldest, born in 1801.  In 1817, when she was just 16, she gave birth to her first illegitimate child, Hardin.  Seven years later in 1824, she has another illegitimate son, Levi, followed by Elizabeth in 1826, Eli in 1828, Anderson in 1829, James in 1835, and Mary in 1837.  No marriage record exists for Minty, and her children all have the surname Pennington.  There is no indication who the father(s) was/were.  Minty and her five youngest children are listed in the household of her father in the 1840 census.  By 1850, Minty and her youngest child, Mary, are living in the household of William Phillips; she and Phillips are among couples who are indicted by Mercer County for cohabitation that year.  There is nothing to indicate that Phillips was the father of any of the children. 

There was some dispute as to whether or not Minty was actually Hardin Pennington's mother, however, she is listed on his death certificate.  Hardin married, moved to Kentucky where he farmed, and died at the age of 94 in 1911. 

Levi Pennington married his first cousin, Elizabeth Pennington,  in 1848 and became a farmer in Mercer County.  He joined the Virginia militia of the Confederate Army in 1862, and returned to his farm after the war ended.  He and his wife had at least 10 children.  He died in 1887 at the age of 62.
a painting of Levi Pennington

I find no record of Elizabeth or Anderson Pennington after 1842, in public school records in Monroe County.

Eli Pennington and his cousin, Issac Pennington, were convicted of a felony in 1852 in Mercer County.  This is the last record I find of him.

James H. Pennington is living in the household of his uncle, Highland Pennington, in 1860 and working as a laborer on his farm.  This is the last record of him.

Mary Pennington gave birth to her own illegitimate son, James Henderson Pennington on November 27, 1857.  She died shortly after at age 20.   Many of the Penningtons are hard to find on the 1860 census, but in 1870,  James is living with William and Araminta Phillips (though they never legally married) in Mercer County.  James married Sarah Denks when he was 19 and had five children; his family moved to Kansas. 

And for good measure, Minty was charged with horse theft in 1823. 

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