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Friday, January 4, 2013

Brick Walls - Tangled Up in Archibald Rose's Family Tree

My third and fourth great-grandfathers were both named Archibald Rose.  At the first Archibald, I hit a brick wall in the family history.  The conflicting information, dates, names, etc. are making it difficult to discern who is who in this tree.  During the late 1700s - early 1800s, the Rose family seems to have lived in Surry, Sussex and Lunenburg counties, Virginia.   The birth dates and death dates I have are all estimates, none definitive and I have not located any birth or death records.  Even the marriage records are tangled - one indicates the elder Archibald was married to Elizabeth Hickerson, but she has no birth or death record; the younger Archibald is estimated to have been born between 1780 - 1790, but his father's marriage to Elizabeth Hickerson was not until 1805, so there must have been a previous wife, but no records located for one.  Records for the younger Archibald indicate that he was married to Elizabeth Mason Holloway in 1818, but no birth, death or census records found for her.  Elizabeth Holloway appears to have first been married to James Rose in 1814, perhaps a brother or cousin?   There is also an Archibald Rose who married Mariah Culpepper  in 1842.  He was born in 1820 and lived in Nash County, North Carolina.  Because my second great-grandfather, Thomas Archibald, was born in 1828, he could not have been a child of this Archibald, but possibly a cousin - or possibly there is no relationship at all!  Who knew Archibald Rose was such a popular name? 

My searches on are giving me all kinds of information about Archibald Rose(s), none of which is consistent.  A search of the Surry and Sussex County Deed books and other court records at the genealogy room of my library gives me lots of information on Rose family members and even a couple that refer to Archibald, however, the dates are not lining up as they should with my ancestor.

And so it goes. 

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