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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fearless Females - Avery Bodecia O'Barr

 March 2:  Post a photo of one of your female ancestors.  Who is in the photo?  When was it taken?  Why did you select this photo?

"Bo" O'Barr Kirkpatrick is a great-aunt to my husband.  The stories we've heard about her make her sound like a pretty tough old girl.  She was the wife of a tenant farmer in Alabama, and when the law was once headed to her house after her two brothers-in-law were involved in a gunfight that accidentally killed their father, she tried to hide the guns in the floorboards of the house.  She was the mother of nine children, This picture was taken in 1905, a year before her marriage, so she would have been about 21 years old.  The photograph is surprisingly natural for that time period, and she seems to enjoy posing for the camera.

This picture was taken about 15 years later, with her husband Joe Kirkpatrick, in Cahaba Valley, Alabama.  Her great-granddaughter says that the two of them "stayed in a fight" and ended up living with different children in their later years.  I believe she died of breast cancer in 1954 at the age of 69.

In honor of Women's  History Month, blogging prompts from Lisa Alzo's blog,

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