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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past - Who is Thelma?

This little girl's photograph was found with family photos that belonged to my grandmother's sister, Maud.  Both my grandmother and her sister were adopted; no mention of another little girl in the family was ever made by either of them. 
 This photograph is of Thelma and Mamie, the adopted mother of my grandmother.  It looks very much like a mother-daughter photograph to me.
A photograph of an older Thelma, with the name of a photography studio in Carrollton, Georgia on it.  The family lived in Clarkesville, Georgia, near the South Carolina state line.  Carrollton is southwest on the Alabama state line.

The name written on the back of the photographs is alternately Thelma Fuller (the name of the adopted family) and Thelma Everett.  Everett is the last name of Maud's biological family; however in a letter written to Maud by her biological sisters years later that named all of her siblings, no Thelma was mentioned.

The mystery continues.  So far, I've found no records of Thelma Fuller or Thelma Everett and I have no idea who she was or what happened to her.

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