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Monday, June 24, 2013

Military Monday - Reuben McGee - 30th Virginia Infantry

Reuben Henry McGee
Reuben Henry McGee grew up on a farm in Spotsylvania, Virginia.  He was one of five brothers, and ten children of Reuben Henderson McGee and his wife, Margaret Sorrell.  The battle of Chancellorsville was fought on the family farm in Virginia.  Reuben was not there at the time; he was serving in the Confederate Army.  His parents and two brothers were there during the battle.  The McGee's were truly a house divided during the Civil War.  Reuben fought for the Confederacy and remained a die-hard Confederate throughout his life; two brothers served in the Union Army, another was a spy for the Union, and one refused to fight at all.

The farm remained in the McGee family for several decades after the war.  Reuben eventually moved to Fredericksburg and died at the Soldiers Home in Richmond in 1922.  The farm was later known as Ashley Farm, then Mullins Farm.  In 2002, development of the area was planned, but apparently never took place. There is an article at regarding the possible sale of the land.  The Civil War Trust has worked to preserve battlefields and there are several acres in Chancellorsville that are a part of it.  I haven't been able to find out if the McGee farm is part of that.

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