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Monday, February 17, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Grave of Unknown Union Soldier, Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia

This grave sits next to one of the walking trails in Kennesaw Mountain National Park in Georgia.  The Union soldiers who died in the battle there in 1864 were moved to the nearby Marietta National Cemetery for burial when their remains were found, but this soldier was not located until the 1930's when the park was being created.  Buttons from a union uniform were found, indicating he was one of the Federal soldiers who fought at the battle of Cheatham Hill.  His remains are just below the Confederate earthworks at the foot of a hill. 

In 2009, research into the Illinois soldiers who fought here was able to identify the soldier as Mark Carr of Illinois, about 22 years old when he died.  According to an article published in the Chicago Tribune, he was born in Indianapolis, moved with his family to Dixon, Illinois, and enlisted in the 34th Illinois Infantry, Co. I - the "Red River Rifles" - on September 7, 1861. 

This is the only grave that sits within the park and it is passed by numerous hikers and joggers every day.  Many still pause and place flowers on the grave nearly 150 years after his death.

Illinois Monument, Kennesaw Mountain National Park

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