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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday's Obituary: Louisa Smith Baird, 1836 - 1898

Louisa Baird -- the death angel came on the 25th day of December, A.D., 1898, to the home of Elder Jesse Baird and wafted the spirit of his precious wife, Louisa, to that beautiful city not made with hands eternally in the heavens there to join, as we believe, one son and one daughter with all the ransomed throng sing that glad new song of Moses and the Lamb.

(The reason for this obituary coming in at this late hour, it was overlooked at our first association after her decease, and there seemed to be some dissatisfaction about it and the church now presents the obituary to this association.)

Louisa, the subject of this obituary, was the daughter of John and Helen Smith, born in Tennessee, Nov. the 9th, 1836, and in her 17th year, Aug. the 6th, she became the wife of Jesse Baird and they settled down at Elk Valley, Tenn. and unto them were born nine sons and four daughters, one son and one daughter preceded their mother to the eternal home, the other eleven with their father and great number of grandchildren with other friends and relatives are  left to mourn their loss.  She lived with her husband, Elder Jesse Baird, about 45 years at his present home in Elk Valley, Tenn.  She professed faith in Christ in her early womanhood and lived a pious member of Elk Fork United Baptist church until her death.  In her sickness she seemed to have no fears about her eternal felicity, but offered to her Heavenly Father strong prayers for her children and friends whom she was leaving behind.  Doubtless she is now waiting in happy anticipation of the resurrection morn when all the bloodwashed billions that inaumerable throng will engage in singing that glad immortal song.  May it be that all her children and friends will emulate her in this life and dwell with her above.  By order of the church. 

                                                                                       Jesse Baird, Moderator

J. J. Duncan, Clerk

 Presumably, this obituary was issued at the Elk Fork United Baptist Church after Louisa's death. 

Louisa Smith Baird's grave at the Baird Cemetery in Elk Valley, Campbell, Tennessee

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