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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mystery Monday: Seaborn James Carter

Seaborn James Carter was born in 1826 in Putnam, Georgia, the son of George W. Carter and Meheney Waller.  The family lived in Monroe County, Georgia for sevearl years, where Seaborn married Amanda Curtis, a young woman whose mother was half-Cherokee, in 1851.  They moved to Tallapoosa, Alabama, along with the rest of the Carter family, before 1853, where Seaborn and his father and siblings made a living as farmers.  When the Civil War broke out, Seaborn served as a Private in the Alabama 4 Battalion Cavalry.

After the war ended, he returned to his family and farmed in Randolph County.  In 1880, Seaborn, Amanda, and ten of their 20 children were living on a farm in Marshall, Alabama. 

After 1880, the story of Seaborn becomes somewhat murky.  According to a remembrance by one of her granddaughters, Alice Lindsey, Amanda no longer lived with Seaborn after 1881; Alice didn't know if he had died or they had separated.  Seaborn is shown as owning property in Marshall County in 1883 and being present at his daughter's wedding in 1886.  This is the last record found for him.

Not until May of 1898 is there any mention of Seaborn in family records.  In a letter dated May 1, 1898, his daughter Georgia Ann wrote to her Aunt Josephine (probably the widow of Seaborn's brother Nolin) regarding her father's death.  No date or cause of death is given, but the will was was probated in Blount County, Alabama in May 1898.  He named several of his children as his heirs, but there is no mention of Amanda, who is still living at the time.  His burial place is not known; presumably it is somewhere in Blount County.  Between 1886 and 1898, there is no record of him, so his whereabouts during those years are a mystery.

We would have to assume that Seaborn and Amanda separated at some point after 1880 and lived separate lives after that - she lived until 1925 and is buried at Christiana Baptist Church Cemetery in Randolph, Alabama, along with three of her children.  

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