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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Surname Saturday - Stanfill

Stanfill is my mother's maiden name.  The name appears to have originated in a township in Yorkshire, England:  "STANSFIELD, a township, of three divisions, in Halifax parish, [West Riding of] Yorkshire; on the river Calder, the Rochdale canal, and the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway, 4½ miles W of Halifax." (A Vision of Britain Through Time).  A Middle English name meaning stan(e) (stone) + field.

Stansfield Hall, W. Yorkshire, England

Gideon Stansfield's (1601 - 1658) son Samuel (1625 - 1687) emigrated with his wife and children to Pennsylvania some time around 1650.  The family name was soon Stanfield (dropping the s).  Over the next several generations, the family moved south into Virginia, then North Carolina.  Sampson Stanfield (1768 - 1837) moved from North Carolina west to southeastern Kentucky in the early 1800's.  The family name morphed again into Stanfill for some of the family in the 1800's; possibly it became recorded the way it was pronounced by the family (much like "Rebecca" is often written "Rebeker" or "Cynthia" is "Cynthie" on some written records).  The family members may have said their names without the "d" on the end. 

The Stanfills we descend from moved on to the Ozarks of Arkansas in the late 1800's.  I visited the southeastern Kentucky/northeastern Tennessee area they lived in last fall and found many graves with the names spelled both ways.  The present mayor of Campbell, Tennessee is a Stanfield, so apparently the name has survived with both spellings. 

Stanfield Baptist Church, Elk Valley, Tennessee

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  1. HI Pam, I found your site when searching for the location of Lay Cemetery. I also have Baird, Stanfill, and Perkins relatives - we must be related. I would like to get in touch. lindagauer at