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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Stanfill Grocery Employee Picnic at Grand Lake

 In the 1930's and 40's, my grandparents, George and Easie (Stroud) Stanfill, owned some small grocery stores in Nowata and Rogers counties in northeastern Oklahoma.  According to my mother (the little girl standing to the left of the group of children), the employees all had a picnic at Grand Lake (officially Grand Lake o' the Cherokees) every year in nearby Delaware county in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.  My grandmother is the woman in the white brimmed hat standing near the right side of the picture; my grandfather is the man behind her to the left.  My uncle is standing in front of her to her right.  Everyone surely seems dressed well for a picnic!

I don't have a date for the picture, but I estimate it's around 1940.  George died in the summer of 1941, so it has to be prior to August 1941.

Here George (second from left) is posing with the male employees of the store.  I wish I knew their names!

Here is Grandma (left, being hugged form behind) with the female employees of the store.  Again, I have no names for the other women in the photograph with the exception of the very tall lady in the back - Velma Lawson. 

Here's another year with the employees at Grand Lake.  This looks like it late 1930's perhaps.

Grandma is on the left with mom in front of her.  The lady to her right is Ethel Reeves, with her son in front of her.  Velma Lawson is second from the right.  My uncle Eugene is the boy in the hat. 

 Mom and Uncle Gene in the back with the children of the store employees.

 Mom on the left, Grandma on the right, with Ethel Reeves.

Ethel, Mom and Grandma.

George, Uncle Gene and some of the other men head out in a canoe - in their shirts and ties! 

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