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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday's Child: The Eatman Children

We know that childhood mortality was much higher a century or two ago and that many families lost more than one child before they reached adulthood.  Today I found the Eatman family of Mountain Home, Arkansas, descendants of my Jordan line.  Clem Eatman and his wife, Jane Jordan, were the parents of nine children.  Five of these children died when they were still young children.  The Mountain Home Cemetery, where Clem and Jane are buried, also has the resting places of these children.

Ida C. Eatman, born February 1873, lies next to her baby brother Henry, born August 1877.  Both Ida and Henry died on September 23, 1877. 

Mattie E. Eatman, born in January 1878, died just 9 months later in October.

Robert N. Eatman, born November 1882, died July 1853, aged 9 months.

Another child, possibly James, born and died in 1870, is listed as "Infant Eatman" with no stone.

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