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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Took a Wrong Turn on the Stroud Road

I recently - finally - had my DNA testing done through, hoping to connect to other cousins researching our families.  This testing led me to discover that my Stroud research had taken a wrong turn.  An ancestor named John Stroud in South Carolina, mid 1700s, no wife, father of Joshua, who I (incorrectly, I now know) connected to a Stroud family of Irish immigrants in Chester, South Carolina. 

Fortunately, the genealogy community is always so ready to help guide you back on track, and a couple of connections I made through DNA testing have put me on the right road to my Stroud ancestors.  Still in South Carolina, but in Spartanburg.  Descendants of British immigrants to Virginia in the 1600's, who moved into the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia (as did the other Strouds). 

I'm still wading through the DNA information and trying to understand exactly what to do with it all, but it's good to know that you are looking at the right people and the right information in putting together your story. 

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