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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Those Places Thursday: CCC Camp at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia

Kennesaw Mountain, a national park north of Atlanta, has a number of walking trails that are used today by hikers.  During the 1930's, the park was the site of Camp Brumby, a Civilian Conservation Corps. camp.  The camp was home to about 200 men who created the trails we use today.

The remains of Camp Brumby are on one of the trails that is at the base of the mountain.

Foundation of the tool house

Entry to the education building. 

Unknown structure

Foundation of the bath house

Unknown structure near the mess hall/food storage area

Foundation of the Mess Hall

Foundation of Food Pantry
Four barracks were set in a field that was surrounded by the other structures. 

The men in the CCC were put to work planting trees, grass and creating roads and trails in national parks.  They were paid $30 a month, $25 of which had to go home to their families.  They had the opportunity to learn a trade, to continue their education and were trained in a quasi-military organization that helped prepare them for the coming war.

The CCC disbanded when the U.S. entered World War II and many of the "CCC boys" entered the military.  This park, like so many others around the country, was made possible in great part to the work they did then.

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