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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Will of Hardin Dudley Runnels, 1789 - 1839, Madison, Mississippi

Hardin Runnels was a native of Elbert, Georgia.  He married Martha Darden and they had six children, one of whom was Hardin Richard Runnels, the sixth governor of Texas.  Hardin D. Runnels left the following will, probated in Madison, Mississippi, probated June 1829.



Hardin D. Runnels - Will

I the Name of God, Amen.
I, Hardin D. Runnels of the County and State aforesaid being sick in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do by these presents make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit:
I resign my body to the grave, and my soul to Almighty God who gave it.

I wish all my just debts and contracts paid.

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Martha B. Runnels four Negroes such as she may wish to select out of my slaves.

I give and bequeath unto my son Edward S. Runnels the following Negroes, viz: Harry, Luce and three children named Louiza, Rosa, Anne, and Henry, Lucinda and two children named Daniel and Gabriel Washington, Ann and one child named Mahala, Frederick, Craddock, Jane and Charles, fifteen in number.

I give and bequeath unto my son Hiram A. Runnels the following Negroes, viz: Juba, Lethe and two children named Cassandra and Elizabeth, Kite, Emeline, and two children named Tabitha and Isaac, Buck, Mulinda and one child, named Lucy, Joe, Elizabeth and one child Jacob, in case the woman let he given above who is now pregnant shall have a child not to live until the 1st of January next. It is my wish that my son Hiram A. Runnels receive a negro child in lieu thereof the age of one or two years from amongst my slaves not otherwise disposed of.

I give and bequeath unto my son Hardin R. Runnels fifteen Negroes when he shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years of the same value as near as can be of the two lots given to my sons Edmund S. and Hiram A. Runnels.

I give and bequeath unto my son Howell W. Runnels fifteen Negroes, when he shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years of the same value as near as can be the two lots given to my sons Edmund S. and Hiram A. Runnels.

I give and bequeath unto my wife Martha B. Runnels eleven Negroes of the same value together with the four Negroes given heretofore as near as can be of the two lots given to my sons Edmund S. and Hiram A. Runnels during her natural life or widowhood.

It is my wish and desire that the property not given away shall be kept together on the plantation where I now reside until my son Howell W. Runnels shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years unless by consent of all parties they agree to sell said lands.

It is my wish and desire that William Porter in case he should go to Texas should have the use of my negro girl now in Texas as a slave so long as said negro shall live, also to have the use of all my tools in Texas of all kinds.

It is my wish after all the legacies have been given off and my debts paid, the balance of my Estate to be equally divided between my wife Martha B. Runnels and my four sons, Edmund S., Hiram A., Hardin R., and Howell W. Runnels.

I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my beloved wife Martha B. Runnels Executrix and her to select others a sufficient number Executors of this my last will and Testament to see that the same be faithfully fulfilled.

Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of June. 1839

William Rayner
A. Voinard
James B. Slade

Probated September Term of Court, 1839

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Will of Washington Darden, 1781 - 1830, Madison, Mississippi

Washington Darden was born in Elbert, Georgia and moved to Mississippi, along with several family members, in the early 19th century.  He died in March 1830 in Madison, Mississippi, and left the following will at his death,

Will of Washington Darden
Will Book A, page 2

In the Name of God amen.
I Washington Darden being weak in body but of sound mind and perfect memory knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make and ordain and seal this as my last will and testament in the words and form following to wit:
Item 1st     I assign my body to the grave and my soul to the care and protection of Almighty God who gave it.

Item 2nd    I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Darden our __ of my estate both real and personal to wit: seventy three acres of land lying in the counties of Madison and Hinds also one half of a town lot in the town of  Fa__ Jefferson County in the possession of P. Williams together with twenty two negroes (To wit: Tom, Hanna, Ellen, Charlotte, Joseph, Nacy, Bill, Ratan, Andy, Allen, Zachary, Jim, Wilks, Carter, Leany,  K__, Jane, Elly, David, Jack, Rob, Classey. I do furthermore give and bequeath to her two hundred and fifty dollars, money that I have now in my possession.

Item 3rd    I do also give and bequeath to my children to wit: Evelina B. Reed,  Martha A. Darden, Elizabeth Darden, John M. Darden, Allen S. Darden, George D. Darden, Mary Jane S. Darden, also my ___ Machall Walton son of P__ H. Walton ____ ____ ____ ____    Machall ________ ________ all the remaining ______ of my ________ ________ and tenements to be divided equally ___ among them by valuation as they may become of lawful age or marry and the property not to be ____ in any other
____ and the ___ or portions allotted to my daughters to wit: Evelina B. Reed, Martha Ann and Elizabeth M. J. Darden.  I do also give and bequeath to them and their heirs or heirs of their bodies.

Item 4th    The tracts or parcels of land containing the farm, outbuildings wherein I now reside is not to be divided until the youngest child becomes of lawful age or marries.

Item 5th    I do also give and bequeath to Soaky and Elijah who not mentioned in with above list of slaves their freedom at the marriage, pleasure or death of my wife Ann Darden.

Item 6th     I do also give and bequeath to the heirs of John B. Doat [?] of the County of Jefferson one negro man slave by the name of Jock together with all the stock and furniture belonging to ___ that they hold in their possession.

Item 8th    I do appoint , constitute and ordain Caleb Reed and Joseph Vickers executors to my estate and my wife Ann Darden executrix clothed with full power and authority to all in this my last will and testament.  Madison County State of Mississippi February 22nd 1830.
/s/ W. Darden
Witnesses- H. O. Russell, J.R. Kilborn, David Bailey 

Ann Darden died three years later, in February 1833, and only directed that her estate be divided equally between her surviving children, without listing any slaves by name.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - Glenn O. Colwell

Glenn Colwell was the son of Glenn and Sarah (Moore) Colwell, born in Pike or Spalding, Georgia in 1831.  Glenn was married to Polly McKneely in 1852 and they became the parents of five children over the next ten years.  The 1860 census lists Glenn as a farmer - 1st year, in Spalding, Georgia.

Glenn enlisted in the 53rd Georgia Infantry in April 1862.  He was captured at Sharpsburg in September of that year and later exchanged.  He died of pneumonia at Lynchburg, Virginia in May 1864 and is buried at the Confederate Cemetery there.   A stone in his memory was placed at Rehobeth Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia, the church attended by his widow and children. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Heard Family, Elbert, Georgia, Part 4: James Devereaux Jarratt, M.D., 1789 - 1844

James Jarratt, born in Georgia in 1789, was a physician in Elbert, Georgia.  He married Suzanne Heard in 1825, and she died several months later after having given birth to their first child.  He married Jane Jack in 1829 and had three children.  He died in September 1844 and listed the following slaves in the inventory of his will:

To his wife Jane, he left the following slaves:

Tom, age 30, and his wife Lucinda, 28, and their children:
   Cloe, 14,
   Casee, 12
   Oliver, 10
   Richmond, 8
   Jefferson, an infant
Juda, 50
Frances, 15

To his daughters Sarah Ann and Cintha Eliza, and his son James Jarratt, all minors at the time of their father's death, the following slaves, to be held by his wife Jane, until the children reached adulthood or married.*

Joy, a man, 40
Henry, 38
Daniel, 46
Mark, 27
Jacob, 33
Randle, 26
Medleton, 25
Pern (?), 25
Dave, 32
John, 32
Bedford, 25
Adam, 24
Andrew, 34
Simon, 23
Will, 13
Wilson, 13
?rash, 12
Cyrus, 11
Peggy, 44
Lucy, 9
Margaret, 8
Martha, 7
Fancy, 15
Mora or Moira, 20
Rena, 15
Sophy, 27
Lucy 4
Hannah, 3
Matilda, 2
America, 1
Jincy, 20 and her two children
Evaline, 26
Mary, 11
Charity, 9
Jesse, 8
Sally, 7
Columbus, 6
Louisa, 13
Edy, 40
Lucinda, 2
Mary Ann, 8
Robert, a child
Pamaly or Parmuly, 2

*James Jarratt, Jr. died some time after 1850; Sarah Ann married Porter Ingram in 1848; Cynthia Elizabeth married Henry Malone Jeter in 1853.  Both of these men died after the Civil War.

Jane Jack Jarratt died some time before 1860, when her estate showed 30 slaves on the 1860 slave schedule.  I have not found a copy of her will.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Heard Family, Elbert, Georgia. Part 3: Will of Singleton Walthall Allen, 1791 - 1853

Singleton Waltham Allen was the husband of Jane Lanier Heard, daughter of Stephen Heard.  He was a wealthy planter in Elbert County with an estate worth of $60,000 (close to $2 million in 2016) in 1850.  He died in 1856 at the age of 62, leaving a large family to inherit his estate.

After his death, most of his property and his 175 slaves were sold.  All of the buyers were family members.  The slaves were sold in lots and were inventoried in his will as follows:

Lot #1(sold to Young L. G. Harris, son-in-law of Singleton Allen)
Gib, a man, age 47
Daphney, his wife, 37 and child Lavonia
Amelia, a girl, 17 and her child Giles
Henry, a boy, 13
Biddy, a girl, 10
Robert, a boy, 7
George, a boy, 11
Sarah, a girl, 9
Amy, a girl, 6
Reas, a boy, 5
Emmeline, a girl, 2
Cuffee (?), a man, 41
Moses, a man, 22
Samantha, a girl, 8
Simon, a man, 40
Doctor, a boy, 17
Pleasant, a boy, 16
Lindsay, a man, 23
Antoinette, a woman, 20

Lot #2 (sold to Rebecca Allen, daughter of Singleton Allen)
Isaac, a man, 50
Mary, a woman, 30, and child Jo, 2
Matthew, a boy, 14
Andrew, a boy, 10
Lucy, a girl, 6
Roberta, a girl, 12
Simeon, a boy, 9
Shadrach, a boy, 4
George, a man, 37 (a pilot)
Letty, a woman, 60
Judy, a girl, 12
Edney, a woman, 27 and child America
William, a boy, 9
Lucinda, a girl, 4
Linda, a girl, 3
Abram, a man, 21
Emily, a girl, 17
Jim, a man, 28
Charly, a man, 65
Judy, a woman, 45
Calame, a woman, 57
Butter, a man, 55

Lot #3 (sold to Gerard M. Allen, son of Singleton Allen)
Lewis, a man, 43
Harriett, a woman, 36
Louisiana, a woman, 19
Eleanor, a girl, 14
Miles, a boy, 16
Ginnett, a girl, 9
Solomon, a boy, 4
David, a man, 22
York, a man, 26
Nelly, a woman, 24
Johnson, a boy, 8
Barney, a boy, 4
Harrison, a boy, 2
Jerry, a man, 26
Eliza, a woman, 30, and her child, Walter, 14 months
Peter, a boy, 8
Monroe, a boy, 6
Antoinette, a girl, 4
Mary, a girl, 12

Lot #4 (sold to William M. McIntosh, son-in-law of Singleton Allen)
Peter, a man, 29
Safronia, a woman, 25, and her child Matilda
Biddy, a girl, 7
Thomas Jefferson, a boy, 6
Susan, a girl, 3 1/2
Katherine, a woman, 55
Eliza, a girl, 18
Riney (?), a girl, 11
King, a boy, 7
Rachel, a woman, 20
Edmund, a man 53
Abram or Sam, a boy, 13
Wilson, a boy, 15
Eliza, a woman, 62
Russell, a man, 19
Lucy, a woman, 50
Peter, a boy, 17
Leana, a girl, 13 1/2
Thornton, a boy, 9 1/2
Kit, a boy, 6

Lot #5 (sold to George Williams, son-in-law of Singleton Allen)
 Louisa, a woman, 58
Milly, a woman, 37
John, a man, 35
Jane, a girl, 18
Cynthia, a woman, 33
Stephen, a boy, 14
Nancy, a girl, 12
Jeptha, a boy 7 1/2
Delia Ann, a girl, 4 1/2
John Henry, a boy, 3
Madison, a man, 36
Malinda, a woman, 38
Asa, a boy, 14
Margaret, a girl, 12
Hannah, a girl, 9
Phil, a man, 70
Joe, a man, 28
Katherine, a woman, 26
Matilda, a girl, 8
Riley, a boy, 6
Adam, a man, 60
Chloe, a woman, 74

Lot #6 (sold to Jane L. (Heard) Allen, widow of Singleton Allen)
Jim, a man, 35
Malinda, a woman, 32 and her child, Mary, 8
Jim, a boy, 11
Elizabeth, a girl, 9
Wm. Henry, a  boy, 7 1/2
Albert, a boy, 6
Martha, a girl, 4
Rosena, a girl, 2
Izzy, a woman, 35 and her child, Sarah, 9 months
Frances, a girl, 14
Robert, a boy, 7
Henry, a boyo, 4
Eugene, a boy, 2 1/2
William, a man, 24
Elsey, a woman, 15
George, a man, 20
Willis, a man, 22
Hannah, a woman, 25 and her child, Moses, 1
Katherine, a girl, 4
Susan, a woman, 45 and diseased
Rachel, a woman, 70
Rinery (?), a woman, 65 and diseased

Lot #7 (sold to Milton Comer, son-in-law of Singleton Allen)
Seaborn, a man, 54
Betsy, a woman, 40 and her child
Indiana, a woman, 20
Martha, a woman, 18
Mincy or Wincy, a girl, 16
Wyatt, a boy, 14
Louisa, a girl, 11
Milton, a boy, 9
George, a boy, 7
Erskine, a boy, 5
Fanny, a girl, 3
Jim, a man, 54
Pinsy or Pansy, a woman, 32
Antoinette, a girl, 16
Jane, a girl, 14
Frances, a girl, 13
Milly, a girl, 11
John, a boy, 9
Jackson, a man, 20

Lot #8 (sold to George R. McCalla, son-in-law of Singleton Allen)
Elijah, a man, 35
Mary Ann, a woman, 30 and her child, Gilbert
Milledge, a boy, 12
Beatrice, a girl, 10
Dorcas, a girl, 8
Susan, a girl, 6
Rincy, a girl, 3 1/2
Henry, a man, 29
Angeline, a woman, 25
Henrietta, a girl, 7
Sharlotte, a girl, 5 1/2
Laura, a girl, 3
Bedford, a man, 23
Joanna, a woman, 21
Oliver, a man, 19
Parthena, a woman, 16
Adaline, a woman, 21 (?) and her child, 1
Mahaly, a woman, 39
Mary, a girl, 3 1/2
Ritter, a woman, 65