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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friends of Friends Friday: Baptism Records of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, Pickens, Alabama

While researching family in Pickens County, I found the following listings of pre-Civil War baptisms at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church.

18 Mar 1856, Tom, a colored man, belonging to John Summerville

29 Jul 1856, Ben, a colored man, belonging to James Cunningham

1 Mar 1857, Molly, a colored woman, belonging to W. H. Summerville, age about 24 years

6 May 1860, three colored children of Jiles, belonging to Mrs. James Siammerville (Summerville) - Jiles, Jack and Nancy, age 1 year, 4 years, 5 years

21 Oct 1860, Jack, a colored man belonging to Capt. James Summerville, age about 24 years

21 Oct 1860, Jane, a colored woman about 24, belonging to John Billups

31 Mar 1861, two colored children belonging to B. B. Salmond, by Rev. A. M. Watson

Marker at original site of Oak Grove Presbyterian Church

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  1. Thank you for this contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project!