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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Friends of Friends Friday: Will of Simon Charles Morriss, Taliaferro, GA 1834

Simon Morriss (sometimes spelled Morris) was born in Westmoreland, Virginia in 1766.  He moved from Virginia to Georgia before 1820.  He died in Taliaferro County in September 1834 and left the following instructions in his will.

He left his widow, Susannah (Lyne), three negroes of her choosing.  He left his daughter Hannah Overton, two negroes named Annie and Travis.  He left his daughter Francis Morriss (her husband was a cousin) a girl named Louisa.  He left his daughter Nancy Darden, a girl named Charlotte, and he left his daughter Susan Woodall, a girl named Izzard.

Hannah Morriss was married to Gilchrist Overton; she died in 1856 and her husband in 1860.  In his will, he left an unspecified number of slaves to be divided into shares and given to his second wife, their infant daughter, and his grown children and their children.  He instructed that any remaining slaves be sold and the proceeds used to pay any outstanding fees from his estate.  None of the slaves in his estate are listed by name.

Simon's remaining children died after the Civil War.

Simon Morriss will

Treasure Chest Thursday: Family of Edward T. Rose, Fayette, Alabama

Edward Rose was the elder brother of my great-grandfather, Elbert Gunn Rose.  They grew up Pickens, Alabama, where their father, Thomas Archibald, was a farmer.  After his marriage to Emily Going in 1879, Edward moved to nearby Fayette County, where he opened a general mercantile store and became a prominent citizen of the county.  He served as mayor from 1918 - 1920.

I found this photograph from the Fayette Banner at the Cobb County (GA) library's Georgia Room

This photo would have probably been taken in the late 1920's to early 1930's.  Three of Edward and Emily's four children - Ernestine, Thomas Alfred and William, are pictured, along with some of their grandchildren, and Emily's sisters.  Son James Edward died in 1925; since he is absent from this picture, I presume it was taken after his death.