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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stroud Family

John "Jack" Stroud

Jack Stroud was my 5th great-grandfather, and unfortunately, I have had very little luck finding out much about his life after the Revolutionary War.  I do know that he remained in South Carolina, died in 1822, and  is buried at the Catholic Presbyterian Church in Chester County.  I have found census records for John Stroud in 1810 and 1820, however, the ages do not add up, so I don't think these are his - it could possibly be a child with the same name, as they are all younger than he would have been.  I haven't been able to find a name for a spouse, so Jack is a mystery.  Until I can find out who his wife was, I'm not likely to be able to locate more children.  The only child I can trace to him for certain is my 4th great-grandfather, Joshua Stroud, however, he is a mystery as well.  I find conflicting information about him; one source has him moving to Indiana, another remaining in South Carolina.  This is one that I have to continue to work on and come back to when I have more reliable information.

Jonathon F. Stroud

Third great-grandfather, born in 1803 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, died on February 8, 1887 in Madison County, Arkansas.  He was married to Easter Huntsucker/Craig, born May 6, 1805 in Spartanburg, died September 6, 1888 in Madison County.  Easter is another mystery; we have no parents for her and I have seen stories that say she was native American and that she was adopted by the Huntsucker family.  Her last name is alternately given as Huntsucker and Craig.   She and Jonathon were married in South Carolina in 1824.  The first census record I find of them is 1850, living in Franklin County, Tennessee.  They have twelve children; six sons and six daughters (son Levi dies in Franklin in 1850).  Their oldest son, Charles Baylis, has moved to Texas.  The rest of the chidren remain with them.  In 1854, Jonathon purchased 80 acres in Madison County, Arkansas.  Jonathon worked as a farmer for the remainder of his life.  He died in 1887 at the age of 84.  Easter died a year later, at age 83.  They are buried together in the Harwood Cemetery in Madison County.

Jonathon and Easter Stroud grave
Two children, Charles Baylis and Rebecca Ann, moved to Texas, and Reuben Tally moved to California.  The rest of the children remained in Arkansas.

Jonathon & Easter's son, Farley Bee Stroud & wife
William M. "Buck" Stroud

Buck was the eighth of Jonathon and Easter's twelve children.  He was born in Tennessee on October 8, 1839, and died in Madison County, Arkansas on August 19, 1914.  He married Cinthia Caroline Forrester, the daughter of Josiah Forrester and Elizabeth Flippo, on June 30, 1861.   Buck served as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, as I found that Caroline collected a widow's pension after his death.  I find three William Strouds in the Arkansas infantry, so I believe one of these is him. 

Buck & Caroline Stroud
Buck and Caroline had four children:  William Farley, James Baylis, Mary Elizabeth and Easter Jane.  Buck was a prosperous farmer in Madison County and apparently lead a quiet life.  The below pictures were taken, probably around 1905, of the entire family:

Front Row: William Farley Stroud, son Earl Stroud, William M. (Buck) Stroud, Caroline Stroud, Clarence Stroud (son of Bale), Bale Stroud Standing: Sarah Stroud (wife of William Farley), daughter Easie Stroud, Lew Floyd (husband of Mary Elizabeth "Bessie"), daughter Eunice Floyd, Bessie Stroud Floyd, son Tinley Floyd, Hiram Sparks (husband of Easter), son Arlie Sparks, Easter Stroud Sparks, Lizzie Stroud (wife of Bale).  Sarah Stroud and Hiram Sparks are brother and sister.

Buck and Caroline with their children:  Mary Elizabeth "Bessie," William Farley, James Baylis and Easter Jane.

Buck Stroud died on August 19, 1914 at the age of 74.  Cinthia died on September 6, 1930 at the age of 88.  They are buried at the Aurora Cemetery in Madison County, Arkansas

Bale was married to Talitha Boren and had a daughter, Pearl.  Pearl lived for a year and Talitha died a few months later.  I don't know the causes of death.   He married Sarah Elizabeth Selby two years after Talitha's death and had two sons, Clarence and Hugh, with her.  Bale was a farmer throughout his life and died in Madison County in 1942 at the age of 76.   Lizzie died in 1966 at age 90.

Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" married Louis Floyd, who was a farmer in Purdy.  They also operated a hotel at one point; the 1910 census shows his occupation as hotel keeper.  Their first child was a daughter named Odie Alma, who died at the age of 5 in 1895.  They had a son named James Olney and a daughter named Eunice Easter.  Eunice married Henry Holland, operated a store in Marble, Arkansas for 44 years, and then lived with her daughter until her death.

Holland family in 1914, Henry at bottom right

James Olney Floyd
 Louis lived to age 55, dying in 1924.  Bessie died on March 12, 1955, when she was 79 years old.

Easter Jane married Hiram Charles Sparks (whose sister, Sarah, married Easter's brother William Farley) on December 3, 1893.  They were living in Missouri by 1900, Hiram working as a farmer, a cashier in a bank and an oilman on the Southwest Missouri Railroad.  They had two sons, Clyde, who died as an infant, and Arlie.  Hiram died on April 25, 1936 at the age of 65; Easter died on September 22, 1955 at the age of 80.


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  4. Do you know of John Perry Stroud , spouse Minniie Bell Ross

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