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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mack McGee Kirkpatrick & Agnes Ardella Shavers

Mack and Agnes were my husband's parents.  Agnes's family is a whole book in itself and I want to write about it in a separate post(s).  There's a lot to tell.

Mack McGee was the oldest son of Ocie and Lula Kirkpatrick.  He was born on March 11, 1914 in Shelby County, Alabama.  I don't know much about his growing up; I don't believe he had a complete education and was certainly working on the family farm when he was quite young, possibly taking over responsibility for the family when his father left the family (don't know this story too well).
Mack McGee Kirkpatrick, probably early 1940s
Mack was one of the young men who joined the Civilian Conservation Corps. in the  1930s.  He was assigned to Desoto State Park, near Ft. Payne, Alabama.  I don't know the exact date he joined, however, he is in the CCC Yearbook for Desoto in 1938.   The CCC Boys built a lodge at the park, as well as a road and other buildings.  Desoto State Park is in the process of creating a museum about the CCC Boys that should be open some time this fall.   You can find information on it here at this website, as well as on their facebook page.  They have many photos of the men and the work they did at the park. 
CCC Camp, Desoto State Park, Alabama

Page from 1938 CCC Yearbook - Mack is second from right on bottom row
Agnes Shavers grew up in Ft. Payne, so I imagine that they met when Mack was in the CCC there.  Agnes was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Shavers and Eliza Jane Sartin.  She was born on April 28, 1915 in Jackson County, Alabama.  They married before 1939 and then lived in Summerville, Georgia, just across the state line.  Mack was working in a hoisery mill there and their oldest child, Betty, was an infant.  Mack and Agnes had two more children in the next few years:  Macky in 1941 and Marily in 1946.
Agnes Shavers Kirkpatrick, probably early 1940s
Mack served in the Navy in World War II until March of 1945.  The family settled in the Chattanooga area, where I believe he had a dairy farm at one point, and also a hoisery mill.
Mack (right) & fishing buddies
Mack & Agnes, late 1980s or early 1990s

Mack and Agnes divorced late in life and she went to live in Ft. Payne near her brother.  Mack died on January 23, 1997.  Agnes died on December 4, 2008.


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