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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obediah Chavers & Manerva Sisk

Obediah Chavers was the ninth of Willis & Hettie's twelve children.  He was born about 1848 in Tennessee.  He married Manerva (or Minerva) "Nervy" Sisk on February9, 1878.  On the 1880 Census, they are living with his parents and siblings in Franklin County, Tennessee.  Obediah's occupation is listed as laborer.  Obediah is referred to as "Obe" in some records.  They had five children; Willis, David Henry "Dock," Benjamin Franklin, Frank, and Andrew Jackson.  (Obediah's brother, Andrew Jackson, also had a son named Andrew Jackson.)  Very little is known about Obediah's life.  There is a story about Obediah and other family members helping bail a relative out of jail in 1870:

When John Chavers lived in Tennessee (Round Cove) He make old Musket Guns and he served during the Civil War in the 17th Tennessee infantry...between 1900 and 1907 he moved his family to Knoxville Arkansas but by 1920 he was back in Jackson County Alabama,but was back in Knoxville Arkansas at the time of his death in 1932...he was charged and Jailed in 1870 for grand larceny with bail set at $1000.00,bond was made by Samual Evans,Willis Chavers,Obediah Chavers and Thomas present time i am unable to to say if he was found guility or innocent of the charge. John and Elizabeth are buried in the knoxville cemetery in knoxville Arkansas on a hill along side the other Chavers that lived in Arkansas.after John Married Elizabeth he lived a good religious life. 

Obediah died on March 3, 1895 in Franklin County, Tennessee at age 47.  I have heard that he is buried on the what was the family farm in Round Cove, Franklin County, and in Old Baptist Cemetery in Jackson County, Alabama.  I've visited Old Baptist and did not find a grave for him there.  His widow Manerva's second husband is buried there, so there may be some confusion about his burial place.  If he is buried on the family farm, it's likely that his grave is unmarked.

Manerva Sisk was born on November 2, 1861 in Pisgah, Jackson County, Alabama.  I have found a number of families in Pisgah by the name of Sisk, but haven't managed to connect her to any of them.  There is a story that she was an orphan and was adopted by the Sisk family.  Manerva is listed on some census records as "mulatto," so she was probably of mixed white/native American ancestry.

In June of 1898, Manerva married William Manoah "Noah" Hall, a widower who had previously been married to Mary Shavers, a cousin to Obediah Shavers.  William had four children; Dora, Alice, Jim and Carrell Jackson.  His great-grandson, Rayburn Hall, wrote this about Noah:

According to census records, Great Grandfather William Manoah Hall was born to John Hosey Hall and Nancy Rickles in 1862 in Indiana. His Grandson Jasper "Coon" Hall told me the birthplace was in Fort Wayne. Noah followed in his Father’s footsteps and became a chimney builder. They say he once built a chimney that had 8 fireplaces in it. I've been told that several chimneys that he built are still in existence in Hollywood,Alabama and in Rounds Cove near Anderson Tennessee in Franklin County. His nephew, Troy Bellony identified one for me near Hollywood and I collected several bricks that had fallen from it during the past years. Noah’s first marriage was to Mary J (Chavis/Chavers/Shavers) on November 29 1883 in Franklin county Tennessee. Noah and Mary’s children were James "Jim", Dora, Alice and my Grandfather Carroll Jackson "Tubb" Hall. Noah’s second marriage was to Manerva Sisk (Shavers/Chavis/Chavers) widow of Obediah (Shavers/Chavis/Chavers). Noah and Nervy met when he went to her house in Round's Cove to build her a chimney. They were married in Franklin County Tennessee on January 21,1898 Noah's children tell me that he was a good God fearing man and raised his family in that manner. His son Uncle Coon said he predicted one morning to his wife Nervy that Uncle Coon would be a preacher. The prediction became true later but not before he died May 30 1912. He died about a half of mile east of Belfonte from pneumonia and was buried in the Old Baptist Graveyard in Hollywood,Alabama. Belfonte, Alabama was a former county seat of Jackson County and does not exist anymore. 

Manerva and  Noah had two more children together, Jasper W. "Coon," and Ludy.  They lived in the Hollywood area of Jackson County.

Noah Hall (top left) and his brothers, Elijah, Carroll and Solomon in 1912

Noah died on pneumonia on May 30, 1912 and is buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Jackson County, Alabama.
Manerva lived in Pisgah for the rest of her life, eventually living with her son Jasper "Coon" Hall.  She died on January 24, 1931, at the age of 69 and is buried at Friendship Church Cemetery in Jackson County, Alabama.

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