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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mystery Monday - The Disappearance of Seaborn J. Carter

Seaborn James Carter, born in 1826, mysteriously disappeared some time after 1886.  His last public appearance was at his daughter Savannah's wedding on 18 May 1886 at his home.  Some time after that, he disappeared; family history says that he may have been murdered, possibly by a family member.  One story says his body was dumped in a well.  No death record has been found, and although he is listed as being buried in Christiana Baptist Church Cemetery in Randolph, County, there is no marked grave for him there. 

Seaborn was born in Monroe, Georgia in 1826, the second of ten children of George Carter and Meheny Waller.  In 1851 he married Amanda Curtis, a half-blood Cherokee (she apparently went by a number of nicknames, including Manda and Maudy).  They moved west to Alabama before the Civil War and eventually homesteaded on land taken from the Creek/Muskogee Indians in Randolph County.  Seaborn served in the Confederate Army, enlisting as a musician in 1864 at age 38.  He was assigned to Capt. A. P. Love's 1st Battalion Calvary, Morehead Rangers.  He rode his own horse and was paid 40 cents a day by the army for rent on the horse.

After the war, he returned to his farm.  He and Manda eventually had 21 children, 18 of whom survived to adulthood, including two sets of twins.  The last set of twins died at birth and a daughter, Susan, was killed by a "wild boar hog" at age three. 

After daughter Savannah's wedding, there are no further records indicating Seaborn is alive, however, none that show a time or place of death, either.  Manda remained on the family farm until her death in 1925.  She is buried at Christiana Baptist Church, in a marked grave. 

Amanda Curtis Carter
Amanda's grave at Christiana Baptist Church Cemeter in Randolph County, AL

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