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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A new name - Phaup

My second great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Jordan, has always been shown to be daughter of William Baxter Jordan and his wife Martha Gammill.  Recently, I found an excerpt from a book called  Reminiscent History Of The Ozark Region, pub. Goodspeed Brothers, Publishers, Chicago 1894. that contained some surprising information.  William had a previous marriage and Sarah was actually his daughter from that marriage to Mary G. Phaup.  I've never seen the name Phaup before, in our tree or anywhere else.  The only information I can find on Mary is her marriage record to William in Cumberland, Virginia in 1829.  They had two daughters, Sarah and Mary, and moved to Greene, Alabama, where Mary died prior to 1838 (when he married Martha).  She would have only been in her mid-20's at her death.  So far, I've been unsuccessful in finding a death record for her. 

The name Phaup appears to be Scottish, which makes sense in this branch of the family, as many of them are of Scottish ancestry.  The name also seems to be found mostly in Virginia, although possibly the spelling changed as people moved into other areas of the country.  So I now have yet another new branch to investigate and another great-great-great grandmother to learn about.

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