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Monday, July 22, 2013

He Taught Andrew Jackson His Letters - Joseph McCullough

Researching a new branch of the family brought us to Joseph McCullough, born in 1747 in Augusta, Virginia.  Joseph was a soldier in the American Revolution, and a surveyor and civil engineer, surveying the wilderness of East Tennessee in the late 1700's - early 1800's.  Joseph was also a schoolteacher and is said to have "taught Andrew Jackson his letters" when Jackson was a boy.  Like Jackson, Joseph's parents were Scots-Irish Presbyterians who immigrated to America and eventually settled in the Waxhaw community in South Carolina.  Whether or not Joseph truly taught Andrew Jackson his letters is questionable, however, his parents undoubtedly lived in the Waxhaw settlement at the same time Jackson and his family did.  One of Joseph's sons served under Jackson in the War with the Creeks, so a family connection seems possible.

Joseph was married to Eleanor Kennedy and had eight daughters and two sons.  He died in 1822 in Jefferson, Tennessee at the age of 74.

His parents, Issac McCulloch (the spelling of the surname is spelled both McCulloch and McCullough in the family) and Mary Robinson, are buried at the Waxhaw Cemetery in Lancaster, South Carolina. 
Here lies ye body of Issac McCulloch, who departed life in ye 73 year of age 1780 RD

Here lies the body of Margaret McCulloch, who departed this life in ye 41year of her age Jan 13th 1759 

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