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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Monday, July 8, 2013

Motivation Monday - Setting Goals

The past few months have been ridiculously busy, leaving me with not nearly as much time as I would like to work on my family history.  There's no end in sight, but I am determined to get my Rose family history completed by the end of the year, at least to the extent it's possible to.  I was able to complete my mother's family history earlier this year and put it in a binder for her as a birthday present.  I would love to do the same for my dad by Christmas.  I am still stuck at g-g-g-grandfather Archibald Rose, who surprisingly, seems to have a fairly common name in Virginia at that time, leading me in all sorts of incorrect directions.  A genealogy report done a few years ago for a cousin regarding the family has turned out to have the "wrong" Archibald, so we're at the brick wall again.  My goals for the remainder of the summer will be:

1) Try to find a parent(s) for Archibald Rose and continue the family line past him.

2) Get bios for each generation completed.

3) Get pictures, documents, etc. organized and copied.

I would also like to get back to blogging more regularly, and making more field trips to local repositories to look for records.

This should certainly keep me busy until autumn, when I hope to make a couple of longer distance trips to search for records. 

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