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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday's Child - The Atlanta Home for the Friendless

The Home for the Friendless was begun as a home for indigent people in Atlanta in the 1880's.  It eventually evolved into an orphanage and home for foster children.  My father's mother was adopted from this home as an infant in 1897.  This newspaper article is from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 1911, several years after her adoption, however, it does show the same building she would have been in.  The building burned down in the 1920's, along with most of the records.

Thanks to the generous volunteers at the Acts of Random Genealogical Kindness on Facebook for helping locate pictures of the building.

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  1. Looking for a child that had gone to live with the Wilson family in Alabama, his name was Jess or Jesse born between 1886 and 1893