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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Sunday, December 15, 2013


As the year comes to an end, I have been reviewing what progress I have and haven't made in my family research.  In 2013 I have made some finds that have brought some interesting new discoveries in our family trees.  I got a lot of research done, and was able to actually put together four binders with five generations of family records, pictures and information, to share with family.  Pictures and documents sorted into folders for each family, as opposed to the big box where everything is thrown together.  I still have some organizational work to get done, but I have made progress.

I am still looking at two big brick walls that I want to try to move past this year.  My third great-grandfather, Archibald Rose of Virginia; I have found there are an astonishing number of men with that name in Virginia and North Carolina during the late 18th and early 19th century.  Who knew?  Sorting them out from one another, trying to figure out if they are related in some way, and all those other Roses in the area - who are they?  It makes my head spin; I've had to take a step back from it to try to get some perspective and come up with a different plan to try to move past this wall.  The other is John Kirkpatrick, my husband's second great-grandfather.  While we have a good deal of information on him after his marriage (thanks to another relative who shared research she has done in the past), but his birth and parents are still a mystery.  I suspect that both of these men may have been first generation Americans and their fathers were immigrants.  My questions still outnumber my answers, but I will keep trying. . .

In 2014, I hope to make a few genealogy road trips - to Campbell, Tennessee, where both my husband and I had ancestors who settled there for a few decades before moving on to Arkansas and Alabama.  I also want to visit Chester, South Carolina, where my immigrant ancestors on my maternal grandmother's line, settled and fought in the Revolution.  And the Birmingham, Alabama area, to try to dig up some records on my husband's father's family.

I have found in my research that most of my ancestors, as well as my husband's, were Scots-Irish settlers in the southern Appalachians, which has made me interested in the history and culture of the area. 

I have had my first few "paying" research jobs, which is exciting - how fun is it to get paid to do something you love?  Hoping to continue to get more in the new year.

Anyone else making out their goals for next year?

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