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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wednesday's Child - Granny

Mary Herndon Fuller
Mary Herndon Fuller, born on December 18, 1896 in Atlanta, Georgia, circumstances and parents unknown.  She was adopted from the Atlanta Home for the Friendless soon after by Mr. and Mrs. Spann Fuller of Habersham County, Georgia.  The Fullers also adopted an older girl, Maude Everett, around the same time in order to have two female dependents that would qualify them for a homestead.  Mary was married Robert V. Rose, Sr. about 1916 and was the mother of nine children, two of whom predeceased her. 

These photographs were shared with me by the granddaughter of Maude Fuller, as well as several documents pertaining to the children's adoptions.  I connected with her on  No one in the family had seen them before.  And in another twist, a member of Maude's birth family, the Everetts, also connected with us on and was able to share a letter from Maude's birth sister explaining the circumstances that lead to her being placed in an orphanage.  You never know what you're going to find!
Mary died on December 26, 1987 at the age of 91.  She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida, along with her son J.D. and daughter Joan.

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