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Friday, January 24, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Easie Mae Stroud

 The baby girl is Easie Mae Stroud, my maternal grandmother, born March 1904 in Madison, Arkansas.  She is with her parents, Farl and Sarah, and brother Earl.  Another daughter, Beulah, was born nine years later.  This photo was taken in 1905 in Arkansas.

Easie was married to George Stanfill in 1926 in Madison.  They spent some time farming in Kansas and Arkansas before moving to Nowata, Oklahoma and opening a grocery store and creamery. 

George and Easie had two children, Francis Eugene, born in 1929, and Joyce Sue, born in 1931. 

George Stanfill died in August 1941 at age 39 after contracting encephalitis.  Easie continued to operate the stores in Nowata, Chelsea and Vinita.  The store in Nowata burned just weeks after George's death and was rebuilt over the next few months.   This is a picture of the store in Nowata; Easie is behind the counter on the left; the little girl is Joyce Sue.

Easie remarried to Wes Berry in 1946.  She sold her stores and they continued to live in Nowata for the rest of their lives.  He died in 1981 and she passed away in November 1990 at age 86 (although she never admitted to being a day over 39). 

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