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Thursday, May 15, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - A Romantic Marriage

The Randolph (Alabama) Leader
Wednesday, October 1, 1902


Last Sunday afternoon occurred a marriage with enough of the romantic about it
to make it of more interest  than ordinarily attaches to such events. For some
time W.G. Holley had been planning to evade parental restrictions on the part
of the parents of a young lady whom he sought to make his bride, but not until
last Sunday was he successful in carrying out his heart's desire.  It was at a
singing at High Pine church that he met and eloped with Miss Daisy Waller,
accompanied by a few couples of select friends.  The party hied away toward
the south and first called at the home of Esquire S.N. Sledge, but his honor
was not at home.  Nothing daunting, however, the lovers proceeded down towards
Chambers county and a few minutes later they met Rev. H.J. Holliday, returning
from his appointment.  He was not long in grasping the situation and in
welding the nuptial bonds.  This was done in the public highway, the
contracting parties not alighting from their vehicles.

The happy pair are now receiving congratulations from their friends whom they
are receiving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Sapp where they are stopping
for awhile.  The groom is a popular young man and the bride is the daughter of
Mr. S.S. Waller, a well known citizen of this county.

Eighteen-year-old Daisy Waller eloped with twenty-five-year-old William Glover Holley in late September 1902 "despite parental restrictions" on the part of her parents.  What her parents objections were is unknown, but the Holleys lived together for only 18 years before William died from asthma in 1920.  They were the parents of six sons and one daughter and made their home in neighboring Carroll County,  Georgia.  Daisy died in 1954, never remarrying, and they are buried together at the Bowden City Cemetery in Carroll County.

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  1. That is a great story. Do you know if they reconciled with their parents? My own parents married at the home of a friend and her parents refused to attend. (His had died already.) When I was born however, they reconciled.