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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Murdered by the Rebels

In October of 1862, Confederate forces under Brig. Gen. Joseph Wheeler took control of London, Kentucky and moved his troops into the Cumberland Gap.  This portion of southeastern Kentucky and northeastern Tennessee had a number of families who were Union sympathizers.  The Confederate bushwackers were on the lookout for men who were not in Confederate uniforms.

Squire Perkins was on Jellico Mountain in Campbell County, Tennessee, putting out salt for his cattle, when the bushwackers came by his home looking for him.  Not finding him there, they took quilts, chickens and a calf, then set out to find him.  When they found Squire, his brother-in-law Simon Snyder, and a friend, Clint Roe, they took the three men to Cherry Bottom, where they were accused of being Union spies because they were not in Confederate uniforms.  They were immediately hanged there (some accounts say they were shot, but family stories indicate they died by hanging) and left.  Squire's father William came by later and cut them down.   Squire and Simon are buried in Jellico Cemetery in Jellico, Tennessee.  Their grave markers say that they were murdered by the rebels.

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