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Family Histories for the Rose and Kirkpatrick Families

Saturday, January 3, 2015


In the past, my research has been a "little" disorganized, and while I have made progress in organizing the various branches of my tree, I do still tend to get distracted easily.  I can start with a goal to find specifics about one person and end up in an entirely different place.  So this year I have made a plan to take one family line per month, and work on it.  I've pretty well exhausted all online, and some on site, record searches on direct ancestors, so I'm beginning to search for more information about their family members - children, siblings, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins - in an effort to see if these people can bring me around to my direct ancestor.  Coincidentally, I saw a post from Amy Johnson Crow, on her blog, No Story Too Small, about declaring this year her year of "collaterals," and why searching for them can bring you the information you seek on someone you directly descend from.

This month I'm searching for the Rose family, and specifically, more information about my 3rd great-grandfather, Archibald Rose of Virginia.  I've corresponded in the past with Christine Rose at the Rose Family Association, and as I understand it, she is pretty much the definitive authority on the family in the United States.   Unfortunately, that didn't really bring any answers - I'm thinking that this may be the year for DNA testing to see if I can connect to anyone else.  There were two Archibald Roses living in Virginia and North Carolina during the same time period, and they keep getting tangled up in research.

Another mystery I would love to make progress on is how my paternal grandmother came to be in an orphanage in Atlanta.  Her adopted sister found her adoption records back in the 1930s and I'm hoping I may be able to find something in the records of Fulton County or Habersham (where her adopted family lived) that might point me toward where, and possibly who, she came from.  The orphanage burned down in the 1920s, taking all their records with them. 

So my January blog posts should be about my research, and hopefully progress! in finding out more about Archibald and his family.  I would love to find out if he was the immigrant ancestor to this country and how the family came to be here.

City of Richmond VA Tax List, 1791

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