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Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past: Baxter Jordan 1842 - 1896

Baxter Jordan, Sergeant, Company C, Alabama 24th Infantry, CSA
Baxter Jordan was photographed wearing a state-issue seven button fatigue uniform prescribed after the earlier AVC regulations.  The shell jacket, probably made at Mobile, is light grey with darker facing color (a medium blue for infantry) on cuffs, collar and cloth shoulder straps.  The kepi appears to be dark blue, bearing the brass letters "DB" for "Dixie Boys."  His musket is a M1816 with cone-in-barrel conversion probably captured (January 1861) inventory from the Mount Vernon Arsenal with locally made russet leather US pattern accoutrements.  The rectangular belt plate is gilded, obscruing the surface detail.

From Pickens, Alabama, Baxter Jordan enlisted in the "Dixie Boys" at Navy Cove near Ft. Morgan as company 4th Corporal.  Archive records are lacking, but Jordan apparently ended the war as a sergeant, later moving to Whiteville, Arkansas, and living until at least 1890.*  The 24th Alabama served in the Mobile fortifications and later marched with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta.  The regiment was decimated at Franklin, the survivors fighting at Bentonville and surrendering with Joe Johnson in April 1865.

From the book History & Families of Baxter County, Arkansas

*Baxter Jordan died July 21, 1896 in Baxter, Arkansas.  He is buried at Cooper Creek Cemetery, with is wife Mary and their four children.

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