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Saturday, February 7, 2015

52 Ancestors #3 - Squire Samuel Stanfield III

Squire Samuel Stanfield III, my 7th great-grand uncle,  was born in Dukinfeld, Cheshire,  England in 1679.  The Stanfields were a somewhat prosperous family at the time and lived a fairly privileged life.  It seems that Samuel decided some time before 1711 to join the Society of Friends, probably an unpopular decision.  The movement was still relatively new at the time and faced opposition from more established religions and the government.  Samuel moved to Armegh County, Ireland in order to practice his faith more freely, and there he married Jane Andrews, also a Quaker, in Armegh in 1711.  They had four children over the next several years, and the family were members of the Lurgan Meetinghouse, but it seems that life in Ireland wasn't too much easier than it had been in England. 

In 1729, Samuel, Jane and their four children immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania, where they believed they would be free to practice their faith and raise their family in peace.  On January 28, 1730, they were received into the New Garden Monthly Meeting at Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

Samuel's farm was on the side of Pennsylvania that became the state of Delaware.  He and Jane had three more children after their arrival in America and they became a part of the Kennett Meetinghouse in Kennett, Pennsylvania.  Two of their children married there, and it's presumed that Samuel and Jane are both buried in the cemetery, although there are no stones that mark their graves.  Their death dates are estimated to have been some time in the 1740s.

Samuel and Jane's son William, and his wife Hannah Hadley Dixon, moved to Orange, North Carolina, where they were instrumental in forming the Cane Creek Meeting House at Snow Camp.  The donated land for the house to be built and remained active in the faith until their deaths. 

Samuel is not my direct ancestor; I descend from his older brother Robert, who also immigrated to the United States, however, with much less information available for him.  I don't know if he was also a Quaker; his name doesn't appear on any of the records for the Society of Friends at the time.   He may have simply been looking for a new life in a new place.  The last real record I find for him is his marriage to Esther Sandiford in England in 1696.  He is said to have died in Essex, Virginia, however, no death date or record is found for him or Esther.  His children remained in Virginia for two generations, then moving to North Carolina, then on through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky and Tennessee.  I was able to visit the area of Tennessee/Kentucky where this generation lived until the late 1800s, when they moved on to the Ozarks of Arkansas, where my grandfather was born. 

Marriage record listing marriage of Robert Stanfield and Esther Sandiford in Cheshire, England in 1696 (left).  A record listing his sister Sarah's birth, baptism and death is on the right side of the page.

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