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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tennessee Valley, Family Removal and Population Readjustment Files, 1934 - 1953

Hit upon another great source of information on with the Tennessee Valley, Family Removal and Population Readjustment Files, 1934 - 1953.  My husband's family has several members who were apparently relocated in Jackson, Alabama during the 1930's.  The files contain a good deal of information about them - their source of income, circumstances (this during the Depression), education, children, health, etc. 

A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Shavers was 60 years old in 1936 when his relocation form was filed.  He was living on a farm he had rented from W. T. Campbell in Langston for eight years.  The home had a well for water, a fireplace for heating, and a couple of outbuildings.  The toilet facilities were not in the house.  Compared to some of the other family members I've found, Andrew was fairly well-off.  

According to his expenditures and receipts, he seems to have been making a profit.  He had a burial insurance policy and owned several pieces of farm machinery.

In contrast, his son O.V. (Orvis Virgil aka "Dock") is having a rougher time.  He is also renting a house in Langston, depending on a spring 100 yards from the house for water.  He is in good health (no defects), but his wife has unspecified "female trouble."  Dock is doing road work for the WPA, having lost his farm.  He and his wife have 6 sons and 5 daughters; two boys and one girl have died by 1935.  Five children are still at home, two are living away from home and one is noted as "one girl away from home permanently."  Dock worked 150 days in 1935 for an income of $210.

I plan to continue to search for more family members who may be in these files - this is a real goldmine of the kind of information you don't find in most records. 

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