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Friday, July 10, 2015

Small Town Saturday - The Nowata Star

While searching through Google Newspaper Archives  I came across several issues of the Nowata Star published in the fall of 1943.  I was looking for information about my mother's family.  I found several ads for the grocery store my grandmother, Easie Stanfill, operated at the time.  She had been widowed just a couple of years earlier and had to take over operating the three grocery stores she and my grandfather had started in the 1930's.

 Looking at these newspapers gave a really glimpse into life in a small town at the time.  This was during WWII, so there were headlines about the war on the front page every day.

News about the draft was prominent.

The upcoming high school football game also made the front page.

The freshman class assembly (with my uncle, Eugene Stanfill, on flag salute) made the paper.

A Halloween party my grandmother gave was in the Society column!

Ration calendars were published periodically.

The calendar for church services were published weekly.

You could check to see what movie was playing at the town theater.

Eugene, Easie & Joyce Sue Stanfill, 1940's

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