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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Heard Family, Elbert County, Georgia, Part 1: Will of Barnard Carroll "Major" Heard 1787 - 1827

Stephen Heard, born in Virginia in 1741, was a revolutionary war hero and briefly, the 8th governor of Georgia.  He was awarded nearly 7,000 acres of land in north Georgia (Wilkes and Elbert counties)  for his service in the revolutionary war, where he built a home called Heardmont and became a prosperous planter.  Stephen's life was saved by two of his slaves during the war.

The wills of some of Gov. Heard's sons and his daughter's spouses contain inventory lists of the slaves they held.  Below are some of the inventories of slaves belonging to the Heard family.

Barnard Carroll "Major" Heard (1787 - 1827).  His brother, Thomas Jefferson Heard, was made guardian of Barnard's minor children, and oversaw the estate until they were adults.  Some of the slaves were hired out (leased). 

Dated December 1837, promises to pay Henry Bourne for the hire of a negro woman named Jinny and her child, Milly.

No date, lists the following slaves:

Bill, Jim, Peter, Jinny, Chloe and her two children, Levy, Milly, Lucinda, Aaron, Dali (?).

Dated 1839, Thomas Jefferson Heard, guardian of Barnard Heard's children, lists the following negroes to be hired out:

Rose and her 4 children to Thomas J. Christian
Cloe and 1 child to Thomas J. Christian
Bill to Zodoe (?) Smith
Peter to Henry Bourne
Ginny and 1 child to Henry Bourne
George to Wiley Dennard
Jim to Robert Hester


Peter and wife Ginny and child to Jos. Jones
Rose and 2 children to Jos. Jones
Bill to Jos. Jones
Jim to Jos. Jones
Silvy a girl to Jos.  Jones
Lucinda to J. M. Kimbee
George to H. Bourne

Dated 1841, lists the following slaves and who they hired out to:

Bill to H. (Henry) Bourne
Jim to R. Goulding
Peter to H. Bourne
Jinny to H. Bourne
Chloe and her two children to H. Bourne
Silvy to H Bourne
Milly to H. Bourne
Lucinda to H. Bourne
Rose and her four children to H. Bourne
George to B. Smith
Easton to R. Hall

Barnard Heard's children all died after the Civil War.

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