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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Heard Family, Elbert County, Georgia, Part 2: Will of John Adams "General" Heard

John Adams "General" Heard (1793 - 1829) left the following inventory of his 58 slaves in his will, probated in March 1829:

Jack, a man                                     
William, a man
Barbara and her child, Jacob
Lucy, a girl
York, a man
Armistead, a man
Henry, a boy
Jim, a boy
Estes and her child, Desdamona
Orry, a girl
Sarah, a woman, and her children:
   Polly, a girl
   Jack, a boy
   Graves, a boy
Mariah, a woman, and her child, Nathan
Roll, a man
Clark, a boy

Simon, a boy
Mary, a girl
George, a boy
Sophia, a woman, and her children:
   James, a boy
   Jackson, a boy
Dennis, a boy
George, a man
Simon, a man
Monday, a man
Hunter, a man
Rachel and her child, Jeremiah
Lucy, a woman, and her children:
   Mary, a girl
   Alsey, a girl
John, a boy
Susan, a woman, and her children:
   Jack, a boy
   Burr (?), a boy
Violett, a woman
Flora, a girl
Ellick, a boy
Marian, a girl
Mary, a girl
Harriett, a girl
Hannah and her child, William
Tom, a boy
Lucinda, a girl
Sam, a man
Zachariah, a man
Fanny, a girl
John, a man
Hagan or Hagar (?), a woman
George, a man
Harry (?), a woman
Lolly, a woman and her children (unnamed)

John Heard was unmarried and had no children to leave his estate to.   His brother Thomas Jefferson Heard, was executor of his estate. After John's death, he hired out his slaves as follows:

From December 1829 until December 1830, slaves are hired out as follows:

Simon to Wm. M. Bowman
Denis to H. D. Tucker
John to Lemuel Banks
Ellick to Zach Bowman
Mary to Zach Bowman
Harriett to Elizabeth Heard
Orry to Thomas J. Heard
Violet to Peter Butler
Little Mary to Jeremiah Nash
Hunter, Lucy and child to Wm. F. Briver (?)
Monday, Rachel and child to A. Hammond
Susan and child to John Downer
Clark to Zach Clark
Simeon to Joseph Davis
Sophia and 3 children to Jase (?) Downer

Hired from December 1829 until February 1830:

Armistead to B. C. Wall
George to Wm. M. Bowman
Henry to D. B. Hudson
Roll to Hiram Jones
Jim to A. Hammond

Slaves sold on February 1, 1830 in Elberton, Georgia:

Armistead to Joseph Downer
York to William M. Richardson
George to William Pulliam
Roll to Hugh McGehee
Sam to Benjamin Houston
William to Jeremiah Thornton
Jack to S. W. Allen
Jim to Christopher Orr
Henry to S. H. Tucker
Sarah and 2 children to Stephen White
Hannah and 3 children to Stephen Tucker
Ester (?) and child to ? Tate, Jr.
Mariah and child to B. C. Cook


  1. I've added a link to this post to the Slave Name Roll project. Thanks!

  2. Very interesting list, especially the hiring out.