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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: McGee Family, Alabama 1855

Davis McGee, born in Jones, Georgia in 1794, died in Dallas, Alabama in June of 1855.   He owned a large cotton plantation in Plantersville, and is shown on the 1850 slave schedule with 50 slaves in his household.  The inventory of Davis McGee's estate, probated in June of 1856, showed the following slaves (some names were hard to make out).  The documents were contained in the Alabama Wills & Probate Records on

1 man Dennis
1 man Andy and his wife Pat
1 man Andrew
1 woman Rosetta and her child Nancy
1 man ?ath and his wife Mariah
1 man Stephen
1 man Willie
1 woman Marina
1 man Archer (blacksmith)
1 woman Malinda
1 man Piffin (?)
1 woman Martha
1 boy Jerry
1 boy Albert
1 girl Hester
1 girl Alisin (?)
1 man Benjamin
1 woman Lucy
1 man John
1 man Jacob
1 woman Jain and child Angelina
1 man Will
1 boy Major
1 girl Betsy
1 girl Safrona
1 boy Henry
1 boy Alexander
1 boy Jim
1 boy Jno (?)
1 man Lewis
1 woman Liza and her children
1 girl G?ham
1 boy Tom

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Davis's son, Commodore Decatur McGee, died in October of 1855 in Shelby, Alabama, leaving the following information in his will.  The 1850 Slave Schedule had listed 10 slaves in his household.

1 Negro boy Henry
1 Negro boy Eli
Sold to J. P. West
1 Negro boy Peter
Sold to L. Williams
1 Negro woman America
1 Negro woman Charlotte
Sold to T. A. Goodwin
1 Negro man Tony and his wife Margaret
Sold to Jas A. Peeples

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  1. I've added links to this post to the Slave Name Roll Project. Thanks for your contributions!

    1. Thanks - I am working on some of my Heard family ancestors now and have found several wills - I'll be posting more in the next few weeks.