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Friday, December 9, 2016

Friends of Friends Friday: Will of Davis McGee, Jones, Georgia 1817

I previously published the will of Davis McGee (Jr.), who died in Perry, Alabama in 1855.  (  His father, also named Davis, was born in Somerset, Maryland in 1746 and moved south with his family in the early 1790's.  He and some of his siblings settled in Jones and Hancock counties, Georgia, where they were prosperous planters.  Davis died in 1817 and left the following information regarding slaves in his will:

To his son, Davis, he left one negro woman called Grace, one negro woman called Sall, and her increase, one negro boy Stephen, and one negro girl called Pate.

At his wife Penelope's (Shockley) decease, he willed his daughter Charlotte Lloyd (wife of Levi Lloyd) one negro girl called Mary.  He left his son Richard a negro boy called Nemrod, to be given to him after his mother's death.

Penelope McGee died shortly before her husband.  Charlotte McGee's husband Levi, and her brother Richard, both moved to Mississippi, where they died after the Civil War.  Davis McGee moved to Alabama; his wife and children also survived until after the war.  None of the slaves willed to him by his father are listed among those in his 1855 will. 

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  1. Thank you, Pam, for this contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project.